Virtual Confirmation Retreat (11/14/2020)


We have partnered with the missionary organization NET Ministries to offer a virtual confirmation retreat this year despite COVID19. This retreat will be a unique and powerful experience and it is COMPLETELY FREE! The retreat will be held on November 14th, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

As a NET Alumni myself (I served as a missionary from 2009-2011, right out of high school) I can say with confidence that this retreat will be a worthwhile experience. In fact, if you would like a taste of what a NET retreat is like “in person”. Watch the video below:

(Fun Fact: 19 year old Brandon is actually  featured in the below video, twice. Kudos to whoever can find me. It is subtle.)

If you would like to be able to complete your retreat requirement this year please register right away! Spots are limited and will fill up fast. Due to technological restrictions and for the effectiveness of the virtual expereince, only 50 people will be allowed to register for this retreat.

Virtual Confirmation Retreat (11/14/2020)

Welcome to the registration page for one of our NET confirmation retreats. We are excited about your interest in attending. This retreat is going to be held on November 14th, 2020 from 3:00 pm t0 6:00 pm. To offer this confirmation retreat virtually, we are partnering with a Catholic missionary organization called NET Ministries for our Journey candidates this year. If you would like a taste of what a typical NET retreat is like, please be sure to watch the video on this page. Be advised due to COVID the retreat will be done virtually (not in person). Therefore, the video is only a representation of a typical "in person" NET retreat expereince. If you choose to register and fill out the information below you will learn more about what the virtual experience will be like. You will also learn what your commitment is and what our event terms are. Most of the basic retreat information (such as: device requirements, internet requirements, live stream application requirements, etc.) will be emailed to you after you register. Please know that once you have submitted your registration you will have committed to this years virtual NET retreat on November 14th, 2020. The retreat is FREE for all Journey candidates. This is due to COVID19 and the generosity of NET ministries. We really hope that you join us for this powerful and fun filled retreat experience. Only 50 candidates will be able to register for the retreat on November 14th, so act fast!

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