May 2021 (At Home Virtus Training)


(This optional training requires a parent and child’s participation)

Hello! If you are here on this page you are likely looking to complete the Mandatory Virtus Training Requirement from home with your child/parent. Doing the Virtus Training from home is OPTIONAL. The Youth Ministry Team is offering live zoom virtus trainings for each youth ministry program. These zoom trainings are being hosted by Brandon and Vinny for the following ministries: Life Teen, EDGE, and Journey.

HOWEVER, if you are NOT able to attend one of these live training session you have come to the right place. To continue in the program you/your child MUST COMPLETE this Virtus training from home (only if you cannot attend a live training session). You can complete the training from home by following the instructions on this page and submitting the form below at the bottom of this page.

Let’s get started!

First Step (Parent):

The very first thing that needs to be done to complete this training from home is for the parent ONLY.

As a parent you will need to download and sign the “Optional At Home Virtus Training (Agreement)”. Then save your signed copy of the document to submit it in the form at the bottom of the page.

Optional At Home Virtus Training (Parent Agreement) – CLICK HERE

As a parent you must also click the website link below and complete a 30minute training session (for just the parent) through the Virtus website. At the end of the training session you will receive a “certificate of completion”. Save this document upon receiving it because you must also submit it in the form at the bottom of the page.

Parent Virtus Website (Training Link) – CLICK HERE


Second Step (Parent):

The second thing that needs to be done to complete this training from home is also for the Parent ONLY. The parent must access the documents below to review the TWO LESSONS that must be discussed with and taught to your child/children.

These documents are AGE SPECIFIC and the content is catered to a specific maturity level. If you have multiple children that are doing this optional training with you from home: you can teach the Middle School lesson to all of your children. In this situation the middle school training will count as training for any of your High School children. However the High School level training should only be taught to High School students because the content is of a higher maturity level.

Regardless of wether you (as a parent) combine the training for multiple children at home. EACH OF YOUR CHILDREN MUST COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW SEPARATELY. Please feel free to copy and paste your answers for multiple children to make it easier on yourself. Especially if you are answering the form questions communally as a family.

First Lesson (Safe Touch & Speaking Out) 6th-8th Grade – CLICK HERE

First Lesson (Safe Touch & Speaking Out) 9th-12th Grade – CLICK HERE

Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide (All Ages) – CLICK HERE  = This document is a support document for the First Lesson. 

Second Lesson (Bullying & Friendship) All Ages – CLICK HERE

Third Step (Parent & Child):

Since you (Parent) have completed the training and reviewed the lessons. Now you can watch the age specific training video below with your child.

After you have watched the video discuss what you learned and teach the two lessons as you see fit to your child/children. The documents above are simply guidelines on how to cover the subject matter for this Mandatory Virtus Training. Feel free to teach the material and subject matter in your own way. You do not need to follow the outline exactly.

  • Middle School Training Video:

  • High School Training Video:

Fourth Step (Parent & Child): FINAL STEP

The time frame allowed to complete the optional at home training has expired. You need to contact Brandon Tait ( or Vincent Kyamko-Yap ( ASAP.