Service Project

All Candidates must participate in a service project. These requirements have changed since last year, so please read carefully.

The requirements for completion are listed below
1. You must do a service Project.
2. This is between you and God. If you lie about having completed a project you are not lying to us, you are lying to God.
3. You will need to let us know when the service project is completed by filling out the form below.
4. Your service project must serve the Church or people.
5. This must be a multi-day project.
6. Service must be done outside of your family. Doing the dishes is not a service project, it is a chore.
7. In order to qualify as a service project there must be some personal sacrifice on the part of the candidate.
8. Participation in extracurricular activities, sports teams, ASB does not count as a service project.
9. Your Service project must be completed during your preparation for Confirmation.  Service done four or five years ago is great, but does not          count for this requirement.
10. Service projects must be completed any time before March of the final year of preparation.

Yes, these guidelines are vague. Pray about where God is calling you to serve and then go out and do it. The service requirement is not just a hoop to jump through. It is an opportunity to be Christ’s hands and feet.