August 2020 (Online Event) “Journey Kick Off”

This is our annual Journey Kick Off Event. It begins on the 1st Wednesday of August each year. You should be registered in the Journey program before doing this event. Please remember that you only need to register once in the Journey program (before your first year of confirmation preparation). If you are a returning candidate please continue on and follow the instructions below. If you are new to Journey please make sure to register in the Journey Program through our registration website You can also CLICK HERE.

Start by watching this video:

Please download the PDF document for your Journey year by clicking on a link below:

Journey Requirements (Year One) 2020-2021

Journey Requirements (Year Two) 2020-2021

Journey Requirements (Year Three) 2020-2021

Once you have downloaded the PDF document (and read through the requirements specific to your Journey year) please submit the digital form below to complete your online Journey event.


The Journey program is about to start a new year. The form for the online event will relaunch on the first Wednesday of August signaling the start of Journey here at Saint Martha. If you would like to register for the Journey program in the meantime please visit our registration website: