FG1 – Chapter 1 – Understanding our Place in the Story

Step One: Do the reading assignment (below)

the Story

“I had always felt life as a story, And if there is a story, there is a story teller” – GK Chesterton

“Our Hearts are restless, O God, until they find their rest in thee.”
– Saint Augustine

“In the beginning there was the word. . .”
-John 1:1

For many people life feels like a story we just walked into. And in many ways it is. We forget, or we were never told what the rest of the story is. Many go through life never really understanding what our role in the story really is.

In this first chapter, of the first Field Guide we are going to invite you into the story, but more we are going to invite you to find your place in the Journey. How? Well, through the Bible and Catechism of the Church (CCC).

Why the Bible?

Have you ever wondered how can I know God? Well, the Bible is a pretty good start on that process. Actually it is about the best start. In John’s gospel we learn that in the beginning was the word – Jesus is the word, and the scripture is Jesus Christ present. By reading scripture we are literally entering into Christ. And on the other side, as St Jerome said, Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of God.

Why the Catechism of the Catholic Church? (CCC)

Well, the Catechism (CCC) is the teaching of the Church, supported exhaustively by scripture. What does that mean. Well, you have an infallible bible. That means you have the word of God and it can’t be wrong, but let’s face it, we are not infallible. We screw up and can easily misinterpret the scripture and misapply it to our lives. The Church, in the Catechism has given us infallible teaching from this scripture. The Catechism is the infallible teaching of the Church. But what is great is there is nothing in there that is just stated. Every teaching is backed up directly by scripture and reference to apostolic teaching. It is a treasury. But, it can be a little precise in it’s language and as such it can be a little hard to follow in casual reading. Because of this candidate, parent and sponsor may need to read some of this together (and re-read sometimes. It is like steak. You have to chew it) Remember, the Catechism is organized by paragraph. Your reading assignments in the CCC will refer to the paragraph numbers!

So, lets begin.

If you do not have your bible handy, go get it. Right now. Seriously. If you don’t have one, go buy one (New American or Revised Standard Version please. The other ones have taken some of the books away) If you can’t buy one email me and we will see what we can do. Seriously. A Christian with out a bible is like a knight with out a sword.
(Catholics are Christians! The original Christian Church is ours. It is called Catholic because everyone was welcome. Catholic is Greek for universal! )

Understanding the World We Were born into

Read the following (in this order please)
1.John 1:1
2.Revelation 12:7-9
3.CCC 391-395 (these are the paragraph numbers you need to read!)
4.Genesis 1-3 (all three chapters.)
5.CCC 396-410
6.Luke 2:1-20
7.Romans 5:15-20 (you might need to read it a couple of times)
8.Romans 8:14-17

OK, did you know you were born into a world at war. You read it. I am not making it up. Angels actually fight. Man is thrown from the garden. Things look pretty bleak. But then something awesome takes place. An invasion is planned and a savior comes to us in the most humble of ways. Christ is born in a manger. The world is in a state of war, but God does not leave us there. He comes into it. And through His life, death and resurrection we are returned to grace and restored in relationship with Him and with is Father through the Holy Spirit. We are adopted into the family of Christ and coheirs with him. Go ahead and do step two below

Step Two – Fill Out the Form