Journey (Confirmation)


Journey Events:

We offer a total 10 events each year (not including makeup opportunities like XLT). Each event is about 2 hours long and occurs on the first Wednesday of the month.  Journey events are offered 10 months out of the year (not including the month of June or July). Candidates are required to attend a total of 21 events over the course of three years. These events must be attended with their parent(s) or sponsor. Journey candidates typically start their confirmation process in their ninth grade or tenth grade year of high school.  Events must be completed prior to confirmation and within the candidates junior or senior year of high school. For a list of all Journey dates please consult the Ministry Calendar on this site under the drop down menu in the top left corner of the webpage.


All candidates are required to take part in several meaningful service project prior to April of the year of their Confirmation. Details on the service project can be found on this website under the Journey (Confirmation) drop-down menu. Each Candidate must complete one service project for each year they are enrolled in the Journey program. Since this is typically a 3 year program that means candidates should expect to complete three multi-day service projects before their confirmation.


Forest Home Camp, November 30th-December 2nd, 2018
Candidates must participate in at least one-weekend long retreat prior to confirmation.  Youth Ministry offers a fall retreat each year that is open to all high school students.

Journey Field Guides (One and Two):

Candidates will be asked to complete two Field Guides designed to broaden their experience and practice of our faith. Assignments will vary between individual assignments and parent / student / sponsor assignments.  Assignments are designed to expose candidates to different types of prayer, the teachings of the church, scripture, and lives of the Saints, etc. Each book consists of 4 to 7 assignments. Both field guides can be found in the drop down menus under the Journey (Confirmation) tab on this website.

Parent/Sponsor Participation:

Candidates are required to attend all Journey events with a parent or sponsor.  This includes a total of 21 Journey events. Parents and sponsors are also required to participate in some of the assignments from the Field Guides mentioned above.

** To find individual field guides and other important information regarding the Journey process please be sure to click on the “+” next the the Journey tabs in the drop down menu at the top left corner of this webpage.