January 2021 (Online Event)


(All online events require a parent and/or sponsors participation)

As we all know around Christmas time, when we have something new that we love, cherish, or are proud of we want to show it off. It could be a driver’s license, a car, new shoes, new phone, first facial hair (for the guys) and new pedicure/manicure (for the girls) – the list goes on. We become so excited about receiving a gift, maybe because we waited patiently for it, or maybe it was a surprise. Regardless, we are usually very appreciative of not only the giver of the gift, but of the gift itself. This should also apply to our faith. When it comes to our faith, and as we approach receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit through Confirmation, we reflect on the gift that God, our Father, first gave the world: the gift of His son, Jesus. It is through Jesus and our baptism that we are given the gift of faith. FAITH IS JESUS’ GIFT TO THE WORLD.

In the worlds of Emeritus Pope Benedict the XVI:

“Faith is a gift of God, faith is a relationship with Christ Jesus. Following Jesus, in faith, means walking at His side in the communion of the Church. Growing in friendship with Christ often means recognizing the importance of joyful participation in the life of your parishes, communities and movements, as well as the celebration of Sunday Mass, frequent reception of the Sacraments, and the cultivation of personal prayer and meditation on God’s word. Friendship with Jesus will always lead you to bear witness to the faith, wherever you are, even when it’s met with rejection or opposition.”

As each of you (candidates) individually choose to move forward in becoming a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church, you are called to realize and  fully accept the gift of faith Jesus Christ has given you. That very gift of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, demands that we share it (like we would any other amazing gift) with the rest of humanity.

In this months Journey event, we are going to be exploring the Christ’s Missionary Mandate for the Church and how Jesus calls each of us to be His disciple by sharing our faith in Him.

Let’s get started!

BTW – This month’s speaker (Juan Arambul) is originally from Saint Martha Catholic Church. He has literally been in your shoes and gone through this program. His talk is unique. In it, he is going to share a bit of his story and how/why he has heard and answered Jesus call to be a missionary disciple in his own life. I encourage you to listen intently and think about how Jesus is calling you to be His disciple; both now and for the rest of your life!

To continue watch the following video by our guest speaker this month:

Next click on the following links and read from the catechism about the churches teachings on Discipleship and the Missionary Mandate of the Christ for all Catholics:

Christ’s Missionary Mandate (Vatican Website): CLICK HERE – only need to read CCC 849-856

Discipleship (USCCB Website): CLICK HERE – Read Entire Article

You will need to access the links above to answer some of the detailed response sections in the form below.

The time frame allowed to complete this online event has expired. You will need to look for a make opportunity if you would like to get credit for an additional Journey event.