Escape Room (2020)

Have you ever wanted to do an escape room with your friends? Well now you can! Life Teen at Saint Martha’s is partnering with Mind Trap Escape Room in Murrieta to do a virtual escape room on November 8th. CLICK HERE to visit the Mind Trap Escape Room website. Escape rooms are great team building activities and they allow participants to have fun while solving puzzles and exercising the mind.

What is a “Virtual” escape room you ask? Well it is quite simply, a virtual experience of an escape room from your computer and the comfort of your own home. There will be a live actor that each group will be in control of. The actor will be in character and interacting with your group while you direct them throughout the escape room. Each group will also be able to explore a digital map of the real life escape room to find clues. The goal will be to interact with the actor and use the map to solve the puzzles and help the actor escape the room before the time runs out! Are you up for the challenge?

We have been given an amazing discount to provide this opportunity ($16 a participant) and we will only be able to provide this opportunity for the first 32 teenagers to register. You must be in High School to participate in this event. If you are interested in attending don’t delay and register today! (haha that rhymed) We hope you join us for this fun virtual adventure.

To register fill out the form below: