Bible Studies (2020-2021)

Bible Studies (2020-2021)

Welcome to our registration page for Life Teen's bible studies. We are excited about your interest in joining a growing small faith community of your peers. Bible study meetings will be held virtually through zoom due to COVID19 until our Governor and/or Bishop say otherwise. It is possible that as we move up in quarantine tiers that smaller groups may be allowed to eventually meet in person. However, for now these bible studies will start (and remain) virtual. Each bible study will consist of small groups of 10-12 teenagers and led by two trained CORE members (adult volunteers). After you have registered we will get you connected with your leaders and a group of your peers. It is up to the leading CORE members and the teenagers of each individual group when (and potentially where) they would like to meet on a regular basis throughout the allotted time. We are hopeful that, as we move up in quarantine tiers, and given the smaller size of these bible study groups, there may be opportunities to meet in person for those who are comfortable doing so; once we are given permission to do so. Please pray for an end to the pandemic. Otherwise, we look forward to having you participate in this ministry virtually as we seek to move forward in trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

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