April 2021 (Online Event)


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     Over the course of our preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation there has been an underlying theme to everything we do – we have been constantly revisiting and learning about what it means to be a holy disciple of Christ.

Let’s be honest… the words “disciple” and “holy” can be intimidating. When we think of disciples we probably think of people who were way better at praying, sharing their faith, and being bold than we are. When we think of being holy, our next thought is likely that we don’t have the time or energy to put into being a “holy” person. I mean, don’t they just pray all day?

But being holy isn’t about checking off tasks on a Catholic “to-do list”; being holy is something that should be the foundation of everything we do. You can be holy when you are doing schoolwork, or when you are out with your friends. You can also be holy while playing sports or music, or while spending time with your family.

Being holy is the call that Christ gives to everyone. It is called the “universal vocation.”

Let’s get started!

To continue watch the following video by our guest speaker Francis Cabildo:

Next click on the following links and read from the Bible and Catechism about Christ’s teachings on our call to Holiness and how we live it out with one another:

CCC 2012-2016 (CLICK HERE) Vatican Website

The section of the Catechism we are asking you to read is called: Christian Holiness. Please use the link and catechism paragraph numbers provided above to find it.

1 Corinthians 12:12-26 (CLICK HERE) USCCB Website

The section of the Bible we are asking you to read is called: “One Body, Many Parts”. Please use the link and chapter and verse numbers provided above to find it.

You will need to access BOTH links above to answer some of the detailed response sections in the form below.

The time frame allowed to complete this online event has expired. You will need to look for a make opportunity if you would like to get credit for an additional Journey event.